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To provide information about the value of goods

Delivering quality, value-added services and providing information on the value of goods is at the heart of TECNITASA’s corporate mission, which is based on five cornerstones:

  • INDEPENDENCE from any banking or financial group.
  • OBJECTIVITY guaranteed by the freelance and independent status of its professional valuators.
  • SPEED based on the flow of information.
  • RELIABILITY guaranteed by the quality of our reports.
  • TRAINING implemented with specialised courses and the ongoing education of our control technicians.
Placing the client at the core of our entire strategy

The excellent quality of our valuation reports, provided with short turnaround times and an in-depth knowledge of the local scope of activity.

TECNITASA implements a quality management system based on the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, in order to guarantee client satisfaction through compliance with the established requirements, terms and prices.

Training and innovation

Through employee training, the continuous upgrading of technological resources, and the wide range of services on offer, TECNITASA has made a name for itself as an industry-leading company in the delivery of client-specific services.

Innovation is another cornerstone of our business that guarantees our continuity of service and constant enhancement of quality. The progress made by geographic information systems, statistical techniques and database management, as well as the latest trends in valuation (RICS) are the main areas in which TECNITASA is currently investing.

Examples of investment in innovation in the above fields include
  • ZEH
  • RICS Training Plans USPs Quality Network Speed Cost Flexibility High standards and accuracy
  • Quality
  • Network
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Flexibility
  • High standards and accuracy




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